Thursday, May 18, 2017

Exactly Why I DON'T Plan~

Yesterday after breakfast we read our Story Bible about David and the Giant.
We are also memorizing Psalm 23 and sang some worship songs~
When Evie suggested we measure how tall Goliath was~
Using a tape measure we marked his height then all the children, me, Scott, and Josh!
Then they drew him with all the things he carried to fight.
We converted his height into yards and inches as well as how much taller he was than all the people we measured.
It was a GREAT bible, math, and art experience all rolled into one!

We went back in to explore the Bible App for Kids~ Stones, Slings, and Giant Things.
They hear the story read to them, answer questions, and able to play games after that~
Even the baby can play!

We moved on to our sunroom for math and clipboard work then
an Activity Tray for the little girls.
I printed farm animal pictures for them to build words, play memory, and make little books~

Everyone came back together for Charlotte's Web read aloud, copy work, and Wilber painting~


I sat watching this baby water coloring a pig while listening to Charlotte's Web and could scarcely take in the miracle I've witnessed over the last year.

The 23rd is Calla Day. The day she crawled into our arms a little caterpillar and through a year of cocooning, we have watched a baby butterfly emerge.

It's beautiful! She's worth it. And there are millions more just like her waiting for their forever too~

We read lots of other read alouds as well as independent reading.
Exactly why I don't plan...
I couldn't plan this much beauty!
Thankful God helps make it happen.

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  1. So keep telling yourself that!!!!!! You work good throwing things together and letting interest lead. Good Job!!!!!!


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