Thursday, April 27, 2017

Learning to Read~

Evie wants to read so much and really is ready for two reasons:
1. She's asking to learn.
2. She knows her letters and sounds.

I ordered two things:
1. Reading-Literature: The Primer
2. Moveable Alphabet

We took a picture walk through the first story, The Little Red Hen
then echo read it.
Picture Walk is when the child tells what might be happening from the pictures. Echo Reading is adult reads a line and child reads back. 
 I made her word cards from the story and she built them with the moveable alphabet then read to me.
Calla wanted in on the action so we worked on making her name~
Each day we have added to our word making, and Evie is learning to read in her own time!

Waiting for them to ask is a beautiful way for children to approach a new adventure... just like riding a bike and swimming.

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