Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Spirit Animal Reader and Writer~

Last week SJ began making all the green cloaks and spirit animals from the many books she's been reading (first influenced by EK)~
 She even wrote about it for her free write!
Today she came down for breakfast and declared she was writing the next book in the series~
She told she knew she couldn't really by an author at nine and I immediately corrected her... YES YOU CAN! Her face lit up and she's been writing ever since. She told me she knew she had so many mistakes so we talked about editors. She chose me to edit, type, and mail off her manuscript. So far she has filled two little notebooks and her dad is bringing home more.

Honestly I had thought about setting up a book making area and still might but there is no way I could have set up this scenario. Sometimes it's best to just let it happen all on it's own!!!

This just goes to prove giving children time and nurture to choose something on their own is worth it. In her time she believes she is an author. That's all she needs... to believe in herself. Celebrating this great milestone today!!!

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