Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nature Bird Study~

We are following a wonderful nature book and this week we were to observe nesting birds~

It just so happens the same birds come back to a nest nestled up on the gutter right outside our bedroom window~
The kids stand and watch the birds flying in and out of the nest!

We went out looking for other nests and chose pinecones for bird feeders~
 We spread them with peanut butter and covered in birdseed then hung on our tree~

I had grand plans that they would draw birds while I read the huge stack of books pictured above~
 But as you can see, they had their own ideas to draw so who I am to get in the way~
 I'd say everything they drew are masterpieces~
 We even made our own little bird watching window complete with books to identify with~
A fun day in Nature!

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