Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweet Moments to Remember~

It has been a long wait for Calla to be comfortable around Macy, but she finally came around.
Macy was lying on the floor and all of a sudden, Calla jumped down out of my lap~
 and went over to touch Macy's foot.
Before long she was hugging her and now they are best friends!!! Miracle!

I want to remember the little folding parties these sweet ones help each other with~
 Thank you boys for always pitching in where there is need!!!

There is no place like the arms of a daddy~
 Best one in the world right here!

I want to remember the beautiful blanket and birthday gift sent to me by Lori~
 Calla LOVES the blanket!!!

Our winter is looking pretty warm these days and the kids are spending them out~
under their Magnolia tree.
And their feet can be found dangling more than planted on the ground!!!
Sweet moments to Remember for sure!

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