Friday, September 16, 2016

Week @ a Glance~

The last days of summer have included lots of golf cart rides and finding dragons in the clouds
along with helping dad drag big limbs through the yard for pickup~
 Awana is back in full swing and the girls are in Sparks this year.
This was the first time Calla ventured out of the carrier to take a pic with sweet Lily Hope~
 Ms. Jennifer gave the kids little Bibles to keep in their Awana bags so I snapped a photo.
When I looked back at it, Calla's face took my breath away...
It was the first genuine smile in a photo she had ever taken.
That is love shining from her soul through her eyes!

Today was Mid Autumn Moon Festival celebration in China so we celebrated too
with moon pies and an evening ride on the golf cart to watch the big Harvest Moon rise over our house~
It was fun especially since we had another half of our Friday Family Movie Night to enjoy
and always exciting when they get to stay up later... 9pm. :)
A good week and looking forward to the weekend!

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