Saturday, July 23, 2016

Two Months w/ Calla~

If you are an adoptive mom then you know what two months being loved means~

It's truly amazing to see the change in their face (especially the eyes)~

A light has been switched on~

and her soul has been released to freedom~

The first photos of each two was taken in China and I matched beside one took today~

There are still times she gazes off in deep thought~

We know she is figuring out her new world~

SO sick in China and SO well here at home~

SO many things in China she didn't like and hardly anything at home she won't try~

She gave us a little of her personality and now we are blessed by even more~

She knew what she wanted then and she will tell you what she wants now~

We are SO thankful to have had this sweet one in our arms for two months~
And know her forever is only getting sweeter and sweeter!!!


  1. I love the differences in the two set of pictures. She is a beauty like all your other children and it is obvious, she is feeling safe and loved. Awesome family !!!!

  2. Wow, the change in her face is amazing! She is such a doll!


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