Friday, July 15, 2016

Kindergarten Girls FIAR Routine~

With 5 different levels being taught in our school this year, it is important to simplify. For the K girls I am using Before Five in a Row first and will move on to FIAR. For now I have a basket of books and the girls take turns choosing a book. We read, narrate the story, talk about our favorite parts, and go to journals.

This week they have chosen The Carrot Seed: They drew a carrot plant in position to the ground and a self portrait~

The Big Green Pocketbook: I printed a green pocketbook and the items that went inside so we could retell the story~

Kittens for Keeps: We had a cat drawing lesson and they watercolored it~

Corduroy: We used my Creative Memories things to punch circles then made our own Corduroy. I had them tell me their favorite part and I wrote for them~

They have loved having a new story each day and it is easy to get a little activity together for them.
We will continue this routine until we finish all of the books then switch over to FIAR spending more time on each book. 

AND THIS is why I am so diligent to blog what we do as a family and at school~
Our 2015-16 School Blog book came today and they LOVED it!
I promise these blog books are chosen every single day and Calla even found herself in this book!
Worth every single penny!!!

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