Friday, July 15, 2016

Blogging Workflow Basics ALL From my IPhone

I have a couple of confessions. 

1. I shoot the majority of my photos with my iPhone and if I shoot with my Sony a6000, my photos can be synced to my camera roll via wifi created by my camera. (It's the main reason I chose it other than great photo quality)

2. I blog most often right from my phone. It's easy to do on the go with the big commotion going on around me. 😉

I've had a few people to ask me how I'm able to blog so frequently and turn out the blog books. Follow along to see my workflow. (PS I'm blogging right now from my phone)

Most of my blog posts revolve around photos~
I take lots and lots of photos and use many for posts. Instead of loading them all one at a time, I like making collages with ~

Once I have that saved, I like to edit just a smidge using VSCO~

Basically I bump my exposure +2 and contrast +1 then sharpen +2 then save. Sometimes I pop with a filter using A Color Story~

If words are necessary, Word Swag is the best~ 

FINALLY it is time to blog with this Blogger App~
I'm sure there is a YouTube video to tutor you through BlogTouch but pretty sure you're smart enough to figure it out. 

There you go|~
A published post right from the ease of my IPhone!!!

Oh and yes blogging from my computer is an option but sitting with computer on hand all that much these days. 

And this gets easier and easier the more you blog. 

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