Monday, April 18, 2016

Number on the Front Game~

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We are a pretty scheduled family. Having routines and predictable days give our children stability.

I think the 'time game' began with EK and SJ when they had asked me for hundredth time what was next. Our days were predictable especially if we were home, so I pulled them over to the clock and asked, "What's the first number you see?" They answered the question, and I matched it with something we were doing at that time. Thus began the "Number on the Front Game". Some people refer to things done everyday at the same time, a 'Peg', breakfast, lunch, and dinner being the most obvious ones.
Eat at breakfast at 8 on the front. (8:00am)
Start school at 9 on the front.
Eat lunch at 12 on the front. You get the picture.
I truly believe this silly time game made our children more aware of schedules and routines. EK and SJ now tell time very well, and the younger four are still playing the game. Such an easy way to make learning something abstract, a little more fun.
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