Monday, April 4, 2016

Leading Your Child To Christ: A Beautiful Symphony

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Last Sunday our 8 year old walked down the aisle at our church and made her profession of faith. It was such a big deal for many reasons. She has believed for over a year now but couldn’t gather the courage to make it public.
One day we were talking about Christ being baptized by John the Baptist, and she started asking questions. I knew she was thinking about her next step. She decided she was brave enough to talk to our pastor and from there her courage grew.
Our family had decided we would join the church as well, so we stepped out on one side of thIMG_7676e church while she and her older sister stepped out on the other. We all walked forward glancing toward each other through the pew aisles. She walked with the confidence Christ was with her, and her family coming along side her for support.
In our family there is nothing more important than our children knowing Jesus and the assurance, we will all be in heaven together. Scott and I pray over our children every single day. Half of our children have made this essential decision in their lives and we have the other half to go.
Leading our children to Christ is such a parallel path of adoption. When each of our children chose Christ, they were adopted into the family of God. None of us are born a believer or assume the right to be a child of God. God gives us the gift of choice. WE have to make a choice to follow and believe or not.
  • Luke 2:52  And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

It is not by chance someone chooses Christ. Sharing a few ways our family has found lead the way.

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