Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nature Walk Wednesday:

On Wednesday we try to take a Nature Walk after bible and scripture time.
Today I wanted to focus on birds, and how they are similar to airplanes since we are reading The Glorious Flight for FIAR.
I grabbed our copy of Aesop's Fables, and we headed out~
 We took a tray to sit on, then chose places all over our yard to sit listening to fables, info facts by EK, and chirping birds~
 It was cool to close our eyes listening for birds and practice our own whistling~
The birds SO loved the bird feeders we made back in January, so we gathered pine cones
to make more for our favorite bird tree~
 We came back in to read books, watch YouTube videos, and get a drawing lesson from SJ~
 From SJ's lesson, everyone was able to sketch a bird, color with pencils, add words, and paint~
{EK and SJ brought their pet birds to the table too :}
 I drew lines for words today, and it really made organizing their Art Story easier~
 SJ copied from a non-fiction book, and EK copied a passage from our chapter book The Other Side of the Mountain~
 All the stories were gorgeous, and today was laminating day~
Our Art Story binder is definitely a favorite book for everyone,
and Nature Walk Wednesday is definitely our favorite day because we also go to church tonight!!!

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