Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Painting and Copy Work~

Homeschooling can take many different paths, and our schooling is probably influenced the most with Charlotte Mason method: living books and history, art and music study, narration and copy work. 

I tend to listen to CM podcasters, and follow lots of CM homeschool moms on IG. One of my very favorite inspirations is Jodi Mockabee @ Mockabee Seven.

She shared her homeschooling thoughts HERE, and we have found our family venturing toward Painting and Copy Work this past week as well.

I don't have the more expensive art materials she uses with her children but if they become very passionate painters, we will make sure we acquire some of the materials she shares on her blog.

For now, we are fine with our many crayola materials and white copy paper.
For two mornings, we drew whatever came to mind of white paper while listening to the morning reading~
  Then to the kitchen for the painting or coloring party and continued reading~
The first day I had them dictate something they remembered from our reading
and I wrote on a sticky note for them to copy~
 We hung them on our cabinets in the kitchen to celebrate the beauty~
 As they finished up, they moved on to their book work and/or centers~
 The second day after they painted, they all copied the scripture they are memorizing for Awana~
 The MOST exciting part for everyone was placing the two pieces of art back to back
and running through the laminator and getting ready for our notebooks~
 Beautiful masterpieces have certainly been celebrated~
{Macy being read a story by SJ}

Positives I Have Found with this ART process this week:

A~ Artists... 

They have budded and bloomed during drawing time while listening to me read. The two older are very good drawers so have been able to just draw on their own. The middles needed more support, and loved looking at books to copy something they liked, and the bitties just drew what they could. All levels able to produce something they were proud to share.

R~ Reflective...

Each day as they drew, I heard them giving pointers or encouragement to keep trying. They also watched each other and gained confidence that way as well. Once the pieces were laminated, I saw them reflecting on what they could have added and already planning what they will do next time.

T~ Technique...

Having a REAL artist in the house gives us an amazing resource for learning technique. We ask questions and seek feedback, and you know what we get? "Beautiful job! Great work! I love it!" Just what these novices need... a big sister that knows terrific is more important than technique. She tells me, don't worry mama, they will find their way on their own. I LOVE that!!!

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