Sunday, February 7, 2016

Family Birthday~

Evie and I were so happy to celebrate our birthday with my parents, sister/family, and brother/family today.
My sister, Becca, and Sam had been here with the kids while Scott and I were at Chosen for Life conference. Go HERE to read about our time there.

I bought a simple cake at Publix, added some tissue paper and cupcakes around it
and Evie thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen~
{I even wrote the words myself}
 We grilled hotdogs and ate cake~
 Watching her face while we sang to her was priceless~
 Everyone gathered around for gift opening~
 She got a family for her playhouse and tons of art supplies~
It was a Simple Sunday birthday celebration, and a fun birthday WEEK!!!

My Thoughts on Birthdays and Parties:

Why are we so sure big birthdays and big parties are the way to do a birthday right? I used to worry more about how everything looked or if the gifts were grand over the happiness of my children. Don't get me wrong... they LOVED their birthdays and the parties I threw but looking back, I might have been a little crazy.

Then in time I wearied at the thought of pulling off a big shindig, so I asked if they would rather have a party or use the money for something they wanted. They always chose the money and it ended up being a much simpler and fun time.

Now with the littles, it has simplified even more. There are no big parties thrown although we have a big family. I know being a homeschool family makes this whole idea of keeping it simple way easier!

I've wised up in my middle age...

~ Kids don't need big parties or big cakes to have fun.
I was talking to Savannah this week and we laughed at the thought of her looking back over her albums and thanking me for that big elaborate cake on her 5th birthday. Honestly it's the only one she does remember (grocery store bought) because she tried to move it from one room to the other and dropped it top down onto the floor. :) A sweet memory!!!

~ Kids don't need lots of gifts to feel special.
How many times have we thrown big parties and end up with a bunch of gifts that were little to be desired. Now what to do with all that stuff? Can you see how that would be a problem with a big family? Chances are our children will remember one special gift given to them on certain birthdays, and talk about it in future years. The big girls still talk about American Girl dolls they received and playing with them together. I find giving our children gifts that make them want to play with each other are the best!!!

~Kids don't need extravagance to feel loved.
A big party, cake, and lots of gifts might make a child happy for a time, but we all know that fades away in time. TIME is how a child feels love. Time spent planning a family party. Time spent singing to them, eating cake, and opening gifts is special, but choosing to sit down and play with their things together is where the love happens. Yes Evie, let's play that game for the 1000th time or yes SJ, let's bake cookies in the easybake again. Time equals love, and you can't get it back so do while you still can!!!

Do you have similar thoughts on birthdays and big families???

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  1. We are on "round two" also, and the way we celebrate now as opposed to "then" is nearly a 180. Very similar to you, it seems! We have 5 from China home now and unfortunately our 3 "bigs" are spread out very far from our home in NC, with the 2 boys in MN and TX and our older daughter on the mission field in "SE Asia" and we don't have any extended family near us either. But we are quite enough to make our own party! We hang the birthday banner for the child to see first thing in the morning, gifts are placed on the fireplace hearth the night before and are waiting for them to see in the morning, and the birthday child has their breakfast on the Red Plate. We homeschool, so they choose what they'd like for a SIMPLE lunch, and then they choose a restaurant for their birthday dinner. We come home from dinner and they don the birthday crown and have a homemade birthday dessert of their choice. (not always cake!) Afterwards they open their gifts. They always have 5 to open from extended family members and then ONE gift from us. And that is it. And I tell you, they LOVE celebrating like this. They are THRILLED and THANKFUL. They don't know any differently, of course, but honestly, our older kids did, and the little ones seem so much happier with the simplicity of it all. They also love that we do things the same way for every birthday, every year. You know, the whole tradition thing!