Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Updated Photo of CallaAnne~

My birthday is next week and more than anything I just wanted a new photo of CallaAnne!
I contacted Ladybugs 'n' Love about sending a care package to our baby.
They needed to see if CA's orphanage accepted packages and were told she had already received one.
Angela was so kind to say there was no need to send another package...
she would just ask the orphanage for updated photos.
Honestly I had forgotten about until this morning when I opened my email to see~
Our angel baby... just look at that precious face!
I can tell you I could barely function the rest of the day!
I am more excited than ever to take this sweet one in my arms!!!
I also want to say I LOVE Kelly and Angela with Ladybugs 'n' Love!

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  1. Angela was a wonderful guide in Beijing for us! We absolutely loved her!