Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Teach a Child to Read~

Being a teacher my whole adult life has given me thousands of opportunities to teach a million different skills.
One of the most rewarding and exciting is teaching a child to read.
There are as many ways to teach a child as there are books for them to read.

I am coming to realize the later I wait to begin formal reading lessons, the quicker they catch on and the hungrier they are to try.

Just this past weekend, Evie came down early one morning holding a chapter book saying she really wanted to read just like her big sisters.

I decided to empower her and this is how I did it~

 I wrote the word 'and' on a post it note with 5 little bookmark tags attached~

 I challenged her to pick a page and search for the word.
When she found it, she would mark it with a tag and look for it again.
This went on and on and on~
 The key was to meet her where she was, and go with it.
She now knows the word 'and' in other places too so she believes she is a reader!

Half the battle to reading is enthusiasm and I wasn't about to squelch it!!!

The other thing I have come to realize is, they will listen to a story anytime, anywhere and these are the books we are reading right now~
 Yes, all of them at the same time during various lessons or times of the day.
They are able to remember what we read last and predict what is coming.

All this reading spills into their play too~
{Searching for things like Pippi Longstocking: Thing Finders}
 Every child is different and allowing them to mature on their own time table
sure makes relationship building all the more sweeter.
And THAT sums up the beauty of home schooling in a nutshell!!!

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