Monday, December 14, 2015

Adoption Series: The Faces of our Children {Match}

Nothing about adoption is easy! Except maybe the relief of finding your child and knowing her face but then a whole new uneasiness begins. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.
Our adoptions have begun with a myriad of ways, ALL with one commonness, God’s Hand on each one. He has revealed each face to me except EK and her referral came to us as we watched her face appear on our computer screen on January 27, 2006. A day forever etched on my heart. With EK, we chose our adoption agency first (CCAI) and worked through paperwork plus home study before being matched.
The six matches since then have been somewhat different due to a special need diagnosis. Most children adopted from China these have a need identified and families decid if it is one they canhandle for lack of a better word. SJ and WP came to us with heart defects, EC cerebral palsy (which she didn’t have), PC with spina bifida, HM hydrocephalus, and CA will come with heart defect as well.
I hesitate to say this next statement because most people can’t relate unless they’ve been through the adoption and matching process but here it goes.

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