Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Week Routine~ {Thanksgiving}

Even though the kids are homeschooled, they know the public school kids are out on holiday so making them put in a normal full day is just down right mean not necessary!

SO I snagged this adorable caddy I found in storage that Scott made when he was in middle school shop class to hold our supplies for the week~

We will concentrate on the 3Rs~ Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.

For Bible we are watching videos from The Jesus Storybook Bible~
 and drawing on our dry erase boards as we watch or reading from our own bibles~
 For Math I pulled Life of Fred and Bedtime Math for the week and using our boards for those as well~
We started The Family Under the Bridge a while ago and didn't finish so we started over today~
We doodled while we listened then did a group narration together.
I'd say that was a productive day so we put everything away and went out to play.
That's the perfect Holiday Week Routine and we are Thankful for it!!!

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  1. Good week!!!! We are finishing up reading our Thanksgiving books for the next few days. Then its Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Hope you and your family have a blessed week and celebration.