Thursday, November 5, 2015

His Story Told on His Radio 89.3~

November is National Adoption Month and Sunday is Orphan Sunday so we were so excited to release our video yesterday to share our adoption story.

As Scott drove to work Tuesday he was listening to His Radio 89.3 and had a thought to email their station with our video in hopes they would want to use it to bring awareness to Orphan Sunday.

He did email and one of the cohosts, Alison Storm, emailed him right back to say she loved the video and asked if we be interested in an interview at the station.


This morning we left home about 5:30 with all the kids and drove to Greenville for one of the most exciting things ever~

Alison, Rob, and Jim were SO nice to us and truly we felt we had known them always. We were not nervous and the kids were welcomed with open arms. {In a radio studio... LIVE!} SO cool!

We loved sharing parts of our family story with them and later Alison sent me a link to Rob Dempsey's blog with our interview.
Please click on the link below to watch~
Orphan Sunday: The Ankerich Family's Adoption Story


We are SO very thankful for this amazing opportunity and a chance to point our story straight to Jesus because really...
It's not our story.
It's His Story Told on His Radio 89.3.

If you haven't had a chance to watch our film shot by 314 Productions, here you go~

This morning in my quiet time I read this~
It hit me like ton of bricks... We would be foolish to approach adoption looking only for how it applies to us or others, forgetting to find what it says about Him.

Adoption is Jesus. He adopted us into His family when He took our sin to the cross and lives today that we would have eternal life with Him. 

Everything in our family, our adoptions, and this film is for Jesus and His glory. May He be glorified in it only and He would bring more orphans home to their forever family!!!


  1. I am loving His Story in your family! Thanks for sharing yourselves - I'm praying God uses all of this to bring more orphans to himself, and to earthly families too :)

  2. Beautiful video, thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful video, thank you for sharing.

  4. So thrilled to hear/see the interview and hear your precious voices on His story! Also L.O.V.E.D. the adoption video! Would love to share in on my FB.
    Also loved seeing all those Math U See blocks :) Brings back great homeschooling memories!
    God bless your beautiful family in the next year as you go to get your daughter. Can't wait to follow the journey!!

  5. Yes yes yes! Such a good word! And I finally watching the interview video and loved it!!! You and Scott did such a good job talking - I would've been so nervous!!! I couldn't tell if you guys were!! And the kids did great too!! So proud of you and God will bless your obedience and willingness to do that!!!!