Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Schedule~ {FIAR: The Bee Tree}

We have two college girls already home for the summer
and it just made sense that we would embrace a summer schedule as well.
Year round school works for our family and children because...
1. we thrive on a schedule
2. allows us time off whenever needed
3. learning never stops anyway!!!

Our summer schedule started this week with a three days (Tues, Wed, & Thurs) on
and two days for free choice learning (well four if you count the weekend).

I am learning I am a rabbit trail kind of homeschooler with a twist of Charlotte Mason and smidge of unschooling as well.
What all that means is I am very likely to take something happening in real life
and twist our learning all the way around it with lots of idea spinoffs...

This week we embraced all things honeybee as a spinoff from our field trip
to Blue Haven Bee Company last week~
It just made sense for us to learn as much about the amazing honeybee as possible
and to do that we read
 We loved reading about honey even in the Bible!
How sweet are Your words to my taste,
Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
Psalm 119:103

Two sources I gather ideas from is the FIAR manual and a website Homeschooling Share 
and both suggested we study Michigan since that is where the story takes place.
We did using this 50 States book and then compared to our state of Georgia~
 We LOVED learning the Honeybee is OUR state insect!!!
That called for a honey video, life cycle study, and honey snack of course~
 We finished this day of schooling out on our breezeway and ended up lunching out as well~

The next day we watched our story read via YouTube and also a piece about Polaco as well~
Loved using Google Earth to zoom in on some favorite places near us!

 Our lesson was All About Georgia (unit from my teaching days)
where we traced the outline, labeled famous sites, and discovered landforms~

Today we enjoyed a wonderful math lesson.
I found this hexagon sheet @ Homeschool Share along with color blocks.
I had them cut the hexagons out and glue into their journal~
 I made up a game where they rolled a dice and had to create a hexagon with that number of shapes.
If they had already used an amount, they rolled again until 1-6 was complete.
I was pleasantly surprised how fast they caught on and wanted to play over and over~
 I thought this might go right over the bitty girls' heads but Evie left the room
and came back with one of our Magformers and said, "I found another hexagon!"
Bam! Living her learning!!!~
 Once they had created with real pattern blocks, we used paper ones to glue down~
 The whole reason for this lesson is quite amazing...
God gave honeybees the knowledge to make their cells in the form of a hexaagon~
Isn't God SO amazing!!!!!
Thankful for honeybees and the yummy honey they make!
Week done and that's a wrap.

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  1. You go momma!!!! Looks like a super fun lesson. Vacation is almost over. We leave the land of Disney tomorrow. Hope you are having a great week.


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