Thursday, May 7, 2015

Strawberries and Honey~

Today I pulled some plant and seeds books and asked EK to choose one.
Of course she chose one about worms~
then we went out to dig up a few~
 Everyone was brave enough to pick one up!

Up next was the Strawberry Patch~
 We had not been in a super long time and was the first for
Rosie, WP, PC, EC, and HM~
 It was so fun to watch them fill up two big baskets~
 The bitty girls ate more than they picked~
 We had also seen a local bee keeper sign and decided to check it out too~
SO wonderful to see real bees working in a hive, taste yummy honey,
and tour their building.
We bought honey, soap, and lip balm, all made right there.
Watch for Blue Haven Bee Company... they are going to go BIG!!!
Such a wonderful day and we are about to learn all we can about those honeybees!

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