Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sensory Handwriting with Salt Boxes~

Handwriting can get boring after a while and truly I have found it improves
with modeling each day in journals.
I saw a post here and wanted to try with my crew.
I gathered the supplies of
salt, box, a photo with everyone, and sentence strips~
 Made a set of Capital letters with lowercase on the back as well as names.
Both were well received by all the kids~

We also read some of our bird books from the library as well as a WONDERFUL book,
Whose Nest? that Aunt Amy gave us... we LOVE it~
 The bitty girls are really starting to get the hang of school and loved playing
a little dice/color the duck game from here~
{Helped that I let them color with smelly markers!}
 Big news... the boys began their BOB books adventure
and they love them!
We are working on the AT family this week~
 They are great reading buddies.
This afternoon the big girls went out with their nature box~
to capture, document, and release creatures in the yard.

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