Friday, March 6, 2015

Court and Glasses~ {Holly and Evie}

Today was Holly's Readoption Day and I made she and Evie new skirts to wear~
 We drove the 5 minutes to the court house, was taken back into chambers,
and sworn in by Judge Malcolm~
 We really couldn't explain to Holly where we were going but kept telling her there were no boo boos.
The first thing she asked Judge Malcolm was if she was getting a shot. :O
He reassured her she was not and if fact we were celebrating her being HOME~
 Judge Malcolm has presided over 4 of our adoptions and we loved having Aunt Susan there!
We took our paperwork over to Clerk of Court office and saw our sweet neighbor, Margaret~
She took our family photo and we were off to get Evie's...

Thomas Eye Group called to say Evie's glasses were in 
so we went back to Atlanta for the 3rd day in a row~
 She was ecstatic to finally get them and could see so much better~ 

 Here is the Speck Club {Super Cute!}~
We picked Rosie up on the way and after dinner 
we headed to the mall for a cookie cake to celebrate Mimi's birthday next.
We did a little shopping and rode the carousel (not Holly)~
Then headed home for big birthdays to come tomorrow!!!

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