Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Stages of Writing~

We are moving through 5 stages in teaching the kids to get a story written in their journals.
So far the boys have made it the 4th stage so let me explain each one...

1. Tell me a story then I write the words for them to TRACE~

SO many skills came with this one step:
American name, letters, fine motor skill of copying, learning to draw something, having the control to stay focused, and vocabulary development.

2. Trace and write under name and words for a story~
Again a big step in diligence and perseverance and one that lasted over a year.

3. Tracing and Copying on Magic Lines~
Once the boys have their picture drawn I ask them to tell me the story.
As they speak I write the words and draw Magic Lines on the page to teach them one line for one word spoken.
They go back and copy each word learning good handwriting, capitals, and punctuation~
{I also tell all my kids when drawing and adding color to anything requires
the same number of colors as their age. aka: Payne is 6 so he must use 6 colors}
Amazing how that makes them more aware of details in the picture!

4. Speaking what they want to write, me drawing magic lines, and them sounded out the words with invented spelling~
I have an ABC chart up to use as a sound board {Giving them a picture for a sound they are sounding out}~
 I am so proud of them moving to this step and as you can see, they are as well!

5. The last stage of course is writing their own words independently and I have no doubt they will make it there. 

They have two pretty awesome role models to follow~

EK always writes non fiction and SJ loves writing true stories or cute tales~
{Both take after their bigs with that awesome drawing!}

And NOT to leave the Bitty girls out... they are hovering between stage one and two~

I read an awesome quote today:
"Instead of holding each student up to the same blanket standards, ask "Is this child making progress?" 

I can definitely see all 6 making huge strides on their own educational path
and for that I am super thankful!!!

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