Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Wins Again~ {Happy Valentine's Day}

"Love isn't something we do, it's someone we become."
~Bob Goff

This quote spoke volumes to my heart this morning when I heard pitter patter of little feet
headed into the family room where they greet me every single morning.
This morning was so sweet because the 4 younger were SO excited for THEIR surprise
{candy for breakfast and painting party}~
But EK and SJ couldn't wait to GIVE their surprises to everyone!

How can I even do justice to this post?

You've read over and over on my blog of the deep hurt and abandonment
our adopted children came from and through.

I can't even describe the depth of it mainly because I didn't live it myself...

I've just experienced pieces of it as my children have healed and are still healing,
as they have struggled through great fear and sadness,
as their behavior has shown hurt when words couldn't explain,
when crying and sobbing from night terrors interrupted rest,
when I got up 20 times a night or rocked them for hours to BE love.

I am NOT tooting my horn or wanting accolades!!!
I deserve none because I was broken right along with them
learning to parent and love in a whole new way I had in the past.

I have found in my own family of adopted children,
some hurts take much longer to heal than others and much patience is required.
TODAY I saw miraculous fruit from Being Love for one that never knew it
before she came to be in our family.
It has taken all 9 years of her being home to Be Love to others
and this morning, she was LOVE big!

She handed me a bag with little letters she made from bands that said LOVE
and the most beautiful card of words I can imagine~
 I couldn't hold back the tears and it was hard for her to understand them
but I saw the Love all over her face, in her hug, and ease of her manner!
THEN she pulled out the sweetest card for SJ~
Bringing SJ home was a great part of EK's healing over the last 4 years!
The two of them made the other 4 a card and drew little pics of things about them.

They were all loved on by lots of family~
and they can't WAIT for their Bigs to get the Valentine boxes in the mail!!!
WE all miss you three today but know YOU
are such a huge part of the LOVE shown today.
I see all three of you shining out of EK and SJ.
Being love to them has allowed them to Be Love themselves.

I hope this all makes sense.
I know it does to other adoptive families
and pray it encourages just exactly who God would choose.
Blessings and love on this beautiful Valentine's Day!!!

Love Wins Again!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! God is good!!!!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!! Love always wins!! Natalie was gone & our little Holly came to our bedside in tears @6:00 AM missing her big sis so very much! LOVE they all have sibs to LOVE!!

  3. So sweet! I LOVE Bob Goff! Have you read "Love Does"? Amazing read! Blessings to you all


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