Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guest Blogger @ La Dolce Vita: "The Sweet Life"

In 2011 while in China adopting SJ, I met a sweet kindred spirit Rebecca Radicchi and we have remained connected since that time. She has four gorgeous children and blogs so beautifully at La Dolce Vita: "The Sweet Life". I am constantly blown away by the amazing way words just flow out of her so eloquently. 
I am blessed to know her and call her friend.

This is what Rebecca shares about her Medical Momma Toolkit Series...  "Parenting a medical needs child changes everything.  It is refining, refocusing, hard and hilarious.  In our first year of medical needs parenting, we've learned lots of lessons, most of them by trial and error (heavy on the error if we are putting all our cards on the table).  This year has stretched and blessed us, and also given us a big connection with other medical families.  My circle of solidarity with medical mommas has widened, and my heart longs to serve and encourage them.  

So, I give you a new series, the "Medical Momma Toolkit: Tips, Tricks and Encouragement".  

I am humbled to be a guest blogger on her blog series today sharing my heart during Will's Day Surgery visit this past Friday. You can begin reading my post here and continue at Rebecca's blog. I  hope you will follow this journey with her and our prayer is someone will be encouraged as they love their child with medical needs.

3 DOs for Day Surgery~

Today our son was scheduled for day surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He has suffered many rounds of tonsillitis and strep requiring lots trips to the doctor and medications. He also suffers from asthma and snores like a beast. Payne his twin brother who shares a room says- 'I not can even turn him over when him wakes me up with snoring'. So he needs this surgery just as much as Will. Ha!

1.  DO Listen to Your Instincts ~

He wasn't a cut and dry case. We had visited our pediatrician many times with same symptoms, but would always fall right below criteria for further inquiry. I was always understanding and acknowledged their expertise for documentation and timing. 

One day, Will came down with a very high fever, and I mean like 105.7 (Most of my kids run super high fevers, so I didn't freak.), but all the same, he needed to be seen. I called and they brought us in. Diagnosis was tonsillitis and ear infection, and this time I Pressed.

Pediatrician once again reminded me we were under the requirements for an ENT visit, but I wasn't going home without a referral. Sometimes it takes persistence of the momma bear to get the attention needed. Reluctantly, we were given go ahead for ENT, and I made the appointment.

Fast forward to this appointment and when the doctor looked in his mouth... you should have seen his eyes! 
Yep! I KNEW it!

On a scale from 1-4, with 4 being huge tonsils, his was a 4+!!! I remembered back being told this doctor was extremely conservative so not to be surprised if he agreed with them. Okay, I went with an open mind, but I just knew in my gut what the outcome would be. Surgery was scheduled and my boy would get a chance for better health and sleep!

Here we are at the hospital. We were to be here @ 9:30 with surgery at 11:30. That is never a given. Back to a room in plenty of time, but are told surgery is not until 12:30, and we continue to wait. That time passed and finally he was taken back at 1:30. Two hours late, but all is well. 

Please continue reading at La Dolce Vita: "The Sweet Life".

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  1. My friend, "working" with you has been a sweet blessing. Thank you for these kind words. They are such encouragement to me. God is so kind to give us kindred hearts. :)


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