Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Week of Love~

I pulled all the books I could find about love and we are reading them this week.
Our week began with our KidSpring videos~

SJ chose this book as our first of the week and we ADORE it~

The next book was a stretch... the love for our crayons~
 and from the faces below, it is now our FAV book right now... especially the peach page!!!~
 Bitties not sure what all the laughing was about~
 Found SJ reading the peach page over and over~
 For the bitties, I cut hearts from sticky paper~
and let them stick foam stickers, reg stickers, and really anything they could find.
I think they made about 3-4 each... a great Valentine activity!!!

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  1. We are reading St. valentine tomorrow. Love you friend. Happy valentines Day.


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