Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SJ, The Seamstress~

Completely amazed that I overheard SJ say one day she would like a sewing machine. 

Went out on a limb and ordered one from Amazon for Chirstmas and she LOVES it!
Amelia and I spent about an hour with her Christmas morning teaching her the basics of using the machine
And she has sewn pockets, jewelry bags, babydoll clothes, and sunglasses/phone cases. 

She even invited Aunt Susan over to teach her during Sewing School. ;)

Today I mentioned she might want to hem the edges for a more finished look as if someone bought in a store...

Her response was priceless~ "I don't want it to look they bought it. I want it to look like I made it!"

Well okay then... She's got her own style. 
SJ The Seamstress!!!

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  1. Love that! What a great skill to learn. I tried my hand at sewing in middle school, but it never really took.