Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Countdown to Christmas~

I had one idea in mind for school today but one question changed all that...
SJ~ "Mom, may we make countdown chains for Christmas?"
Of course!
How to make a countdown chain go with a book?
No book...
But what about a song?
The 12 Days of Christmas???~
We watched this several times and I printed some pics to go with it from here~
Our calendar is a staple for our school mornings and they LOVE counting to something special~
It just made sense to let them make countdown chains.
I printed pictures of the song to glue on their links~
 I cut strips for them and numbered.
Each cut the circles, glued to correct strip then stapled their chain together~
 I can't tell you how excited they were to use the stapler!!!
Look at Holly's face when Evie tries to do too much for her~
 Talk about good fine motor work!!!
All this 12 Days of Christmas singing reminded EK of a favorite movie...
What to do except watch it!!!
We ALL loved it!!!
15 Days everyone!

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