Monday, November 3, 2014

Reading for the Boys~

EK is pretty much an independent reader although loves for me to listen.
SJ is a good reader too and comprehends better if I'm sitting with her for narration afterwards.
One day last week the boys said, "We want to read too!"
Okay then... Let's do it!

I pulled out the same set of emergent readers I used with EK and SJ
along with some word work and started guided reading with them~
{First words were a, and}
I read the text to them and had them read back (echo) to me
then we built the words with the letters.
That was all for the first day and I caught them reading that book all afternoon!

This week we added a few things to our routine...
~smaller pocketchart of words
~word work caddy
build the word with clothespins
~word work cards
The boys chose books at Target that highlighted their super hero costumes
so I took their enthusiasm and had them use small see through disks
and while looking through their book, they covered a sight word if they found it!
We called it Sight Word Treasure~
{They loved helping each other!}
 Will loved moving his disk along the text (left to right!) looking for his words.
 While scrolling through FB this weekend, I found these awesome FREE emergent readers
and printed for our reading time~
 I had them read with me first, then read alone, and finally knee to knee for brother reading.
{Evie was sure to be in on the action for sure}

With only a couple of words right now, it is hard to play many of the sight word games I know so...
I made up a new one for them~
 Roll and Read:
I wrote the two words we know on a die.
I set my timer on my phone for 1 minute.
They took turns rolling and reading then grabbing a color disk.
When the timer went off, they counted their disks.
I specifically chose to let them beat the CLOCK and not each other
and on the second turn, they tried to beat their own record.
There was still some comparing between the two but I just chalked that up to
a little math thrown in for good measure!!!

GREAT Reading Boys!!! So proud of you!!!

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