Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Explosion of Language~

Music is certainly HollyMei's favorite language
and just this week her language has exploded!
She was sitting in Scott's lap last night when he asked her to sing the ABCs~
{We're getting there}
And then to count~
Evie is a great influence on her and usually a positive one (wink)~
I can tell you there is NO shortage for words around here
and 'Momma' is usually the one I hear most...
Wouldn't trade it for the world!


  1. So sweet! I just love it! It looks like she is doing so well with her new family. Thank you for sharing.

    Courtney in Louisiana

  2. LOVE IT!! We have watched several times :-) So interesting music is most certainly our Holly's favorite language too! Must have it on ALL the time.I just had a friend come home from China with twin girls who are 2....any language advice? :-)

  3. Love this she is a doll!!!!!! Coras language has exploded too. Crazy how fast they learn. Love you sweet friend.

  4. Doll babies!!! (I see you got your tree up)!! Jealous much!!

  5. That video makes me squeal!! How cute is she!! Love the way she hugs Daddy. She is so proud of herself!!