Friday, October 10, 2014

Apple Orchard and Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel

Family homeschool tradition is a trip into the SC mountains to Bryson's Apple Orchard
for apple picking and enjoying all things fall-
Everyone dressed in boots and bucket in hand followed their daddy into the orchard.
This year he was given an apple picker and the big kids were thrilled 
especially when dad picked the most beautiful apple of all WAY up high!
There were lots of opportunities for photos and Holly was thrilled with her first experience with all this trampling around.
It was also her first time walking in boots so that was touch and go for a while.
She finally felt safe and let go of my hand to follow the gang! 
Just look at that little face!
Everyone picked through their buckets and only kept the best.
Then down to the apple stand to pay for our apples, buy some fried apple pies, and apple butter. YUM!

After a stop for lunch, we rode a curvy mountain road to Stumphouse Mountain for a cave tunnel adventure-
Stumphouse tunnel has a rich history and we were excited to learn something new!
We headed toward the cave/tunnel and was amazed with the cool breeze flowing out of it because of an airshaft deep inside causing the draft.
to read all about this beautiful place and plan to visit it as well!
It was quite scary entering the cave but as our eyes adjusted 
and we turned on our phone flashlights, it wasn't too bad {mainly because daddy was with us!!!}.
EK was thrilled to know it was a bat santuary as well... me not so much!
It was meant to be a railroad tunnel but money ran out and the project was abandoned.
The kids loved playing on the flatcar and walking to a beautiful waterfall!
Best part of the whole thing... FREE!
The perfect field trip day for this crowd!!
Apple Orchards and Caves!

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