Friday, July 11, 2014

Bitty Work Drawers~

Along with the trays I introduced on Monday, all the kids have work drawers with activities in them~
The red drawer holds their journal which we do most every day.
I usually find their next page, date, and write their name at the top.
They copy over with a crayon and this day they wanted me to trace their hand then they colored.
The next 4 colors are there if they choose to do them~
NO pressure at all and sometimes they do it, sometimes not.
As they finish up one of the activities, they place in the finished basket for me.
After they have worked through the drawers, they move onto trays or free play in their rooms.


  1. Fun Days. I need to order those drawers.

  2. Love trays and baskets too. Not been as organized as you this summer, but am getting ready to start soon. We've just been journaling, reading, art and some counting mainly.


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