Wednesday, June 11, 2014

China Eve Eve~

Today was spent cleaning house, washing and changing sheets, and getting my hair done~

Got home and Evie said we matched... black hair~

Finished the day off with an evening  swim~
That is until the storm blew in.
LOVE a good thunderstorm!!!
Pinch me... we are going to China in less than 36 hours!!!


  1. You look beautiful! Hope the transition goes well for Holly! I hope they have been talking to her about her new mama!

  2. So excited to follow along as you journey to your precious girl! Praying for Holly Mei and all of your family! xoxo, Ashley

  3. Prayers for a smooth journey to your newest blessing! Can't wait to see HollyMei with her new sibling!

  4. You look RAVISHING DAH-LING!!

  5. Ah nothing makes you feel better than getting hair done :-) and we have had enough thunderstorms to float a about you send us some sun & warm temps so we can swim & we'll send you some more rain. Poor girls still haven't got to put those suits on yet :-( Praying for your baby


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