Monday, March 24, 2014

Miss Rumphius~ {FIAR}

I pulled a FIAR book this week to emphasize the spring like weather we are experiencing right now.
We read Miss Rumphius and discussed the geography of setting (Maine) and all the places she traveled (land forms).
I divided the girls' journal page into fourths and had them illustrate then tell me something they knew~

As I was cleaning out our school closet, I found a notebook of ABC playdough mats and decided to use it as a sound songbook.
I sang the letter sounds with little littles and they loved it.
I really feel singing this with them each day will help them learn the CODE for reading~
(tune: Shortin' Bread)
A makes the a sound a, a, a, a, (short)
A makes the aaaaa sound, (long)
that starts alligator.
{They especially loved all the photos were animals!}

The boys had a great center time yesterday!
I was amazed how many letters they are learning and lower case to boot~
A couple of videos to celebrate~

Yay boys!!! What good role models you are for Evie!!!

I took this photo this afternoon when school was all done~
I Love watching them choose things like making a menu from magazine that came in the mail or creating art together.
Childhood~ a terrible thing to waste and thankful they are living it to the very BEST!!!

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  1. LOVE it...looking @ landform projects myself yesterday too. Salt dough is always fun, & playdough is even easier...Big littles might enjoy creating their own continent or land in afternoon