Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Snow TBT to the Bigs~

All this snow had me reminiscing of days gone by when the Bigs were Littles.
Just like littles of today, the Bigs LOVED the snow too!
The very first photo is back when Savannah was the one and only with our first dog Clancy~
 I don't think anyone LOVED the snow as much as wild Fisher {right Mimi?}.
These are the days in our first house in Country Club Place~
When we lived in Gwinnett, all the kids loved sledding down the hills on the golf course~
  Rosie is still driving this jeep after all these years {Dalila}~
These are the days I am SO thankful I am an overachiever when it comes to taking photos...
thus all three sitting in the snow posing for me. :)~

LOVE that the littles now still wear the same coats and hats the bigs have on~
What a sweet journey to A Snow TBT dedicated to the Bigs and our great LOVE for them!
The good old days!!!

{all photos reshot from my Creative Memories albums}



  1. Love this look back! I'm an overachiever photo taker myself - and proud of it! :)

  2. Brings back memories myself of living on the golf would bundle all 3 of us girls up after breakfast and out the door we went(without her..can't even imagine now that I'm a mom) sledding on the hills until lunch. ...ABSOLUTE FUN!!...Fun look back @ your bigs.