Friday, December 13, 2013

The Polar Express {Fun Friday}~

Today we enjoyed everything The Polar Express.
We began opening gift bags from our sweet neighbor Ms. Judy and found great treats for our morning.
Moving on to Truth in the Tinsel and baby Jesus being born in a stable to the manger. Precious!
Because The Polar Express is kind of a long book, we started our Reindeer project so they would have something to do while I read.
We also used our globe to find and discuss the polar regions in the world.
Reindeer were made by folding down a small flap on brown paper to create a square then fold into triangle making head.
I traced their hands to make antlers and they punched circles to make the other features.
Payne, Will, and Evie wanted hats... EK and SJ~ too cool for that.
Isn't Evie's so cute? I didn't way a word and let her make it like she wanted it. :) 

As I read the book I asked questions to keep them engaged and when we came to the first Christmas gift, I pulled out our Mystery Box and let them guess what was inside.
EK knew but played along with the littles.
Each one got their own silver Christmas bell 
and we made necklaces to wear for the day.

What would Polar Express Day be without hot cocoa, cookies, and the movie?
I made the cocoa, Ms. Judy had included a cookie in their bags, and we popped the DVD in~ 
When movie was over, we moved to the school table for a couple of crafts Ms. Melissa {Lily Hope's mom} had dropped by.
They are drying and will hang proudly on our tree I'm sure by tonight.
A GREAT Fun Friday to end a week of Christmas fun!!!

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  1. ANOTHER fun day... we LOVE to make Polar Express Printable Tickets, with PJ's on go for a family ride to look @ Christmas Lights....planned to do that this evening, but the Suzuki Express is NOT slipping & slidding on the icy roads tonight!! waiting until it thaws out


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