Monday, December 9, 2013

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree~

Today we read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree after we caught up 4 days of Truth in the Tinsel~
While and after we read, we did lots of talking and retelling of the story... especially the sequence of animals.
I had a little Christmas mouse for us to make.
EK and SJ took the patterns, traced, and made their mouse all on their own.
For the boys, I traced and they cut on the lines.
For Evie, I cut and she glued. :)
When mice were done, we printed a little book of the animals and let them order the pages while I read the book all over again.
We stapled them to the back of their mouse.

 Wanted to mention when we are shopping @ Michaels, I pick up little books of stickers for the kids to use when writing stories in their journals~

After lunch we kept Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree going as I had EK and SJ choose their favorite animal from the story to research~
We read facts online and watched a couple of YouTube videos about their animal.
EK~ Fox
SJ~ Bears
Once they had some information they drew the animal in their journal and wrote some facts.
Super work everyone!!!

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  1. LOVE Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree!!! Ours is wrapped just waiting to be chosen. I myself have tried to peek to find it, but got caught by Miss N who said "Mom" you can't do that. Anxious mommy to get open one of her favorites.