Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas @ Aunt Susan's House~

Over the last year Payne and Evie have had SO many firsts.
Tonight was another because we shared a Christmas dinner with Scott's side of the family 
along with opening the first gifts of Christmas.
Everyone had a great time with their cousins~
 Payne was so cute when opening the first gift and couldn't believe he got to open two!
It was nice to spend time with Scott's sisters, Jan and Susan, and his brother Larry plus all their families~
 Jason seemed to be the life of the party with the littles~
 They all had such a great time they were asking if we could go home so they could go to bed.
Worn out from all the fun.
Always such a fun time and so thankful for family!!!
Thank you Susan for having us.
We had such a wonderful evening!!!

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