Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Preschool Drawers~

November Drawers have been changed for the month~

ABC: Hot Dots Letters
Number: Match counters to Numeral
Writing: Magna Doodles with Magnetic Letters
Reading: Little Books 


ABC: Match Letter to Pumpkins
Number: Build a City: Roll die and build a building w/ Unifix Cubes
Fine Motor: Cut toys from magazine and glue one in each section
Game: Qwirkle- Match shapes
Reading: Little Books 


ABC: Clothespin Names
Number: Dominos- match number of dots
Fine Motor: Playdough Names with Play dough Stamps
Game: Leap Frog Game
Reading: Little Books


Number: Roll a Color and Count
Fine Motor: Dinosaur Puzzles
Reading: Little Books 

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