Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Friday {Moon Day}~

Our day began with a final reading of Owl Moon and Goodnight Moon.
Familiar with both stories all were able to read along and help with words.
I had some info about the first astronauts and Appollo 11...
they were all SO surprised to know I was Evie's age when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. :)
Our first experiment was creating the moon's surface {flour} and dropping moon rocks {marbles} to make craters~
 And of course we all had to feel the moon dust and make craters with our fingers!
We also listened to information in our globe book!

Next was some discussion about earth rotation, revolving, and the phases of the moon.
We haven't really touched on anything space related so this was an introduction using a lamp {sun}, globe {earth}, and apple {moon}.
Everyone got to act out some part of the process~
 We learned the moon doesn't have its own light but reflects sunlight... the Bible tells us in
Matthew 5:16~
In the same way, let your light shine before others
that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
We discussed that we don't have our own light but reflect Jesus to the world around us just like the moon.
We confirmed we believe the Bible when it says in 
Genesis 1:16~

And God made two greater lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also.

and NOT a video we watched that suggested the moon was made through a big explosion and the rocks came together to make the moon. No no no! 

HOW crazy is it that we ate at a restaurant this week that gave the kids Oreos for dessert and I asked them to save them...
NOT knowing we would use them for a Moon Phases 'cooking activity'!!!
This hands on activity really helped them understand just a little better~ 
Not to mention the eating oreos with milk brought big smiles!
After all was done, I interviewed each one separately and wrote down exactly what they said they learned.

You can skip reading this but wanted to record their words for our school scrapbook.

The moon can pull the ocean in and out causing low and high tide with its gravity. The earth is always spinning to make day and night. The moon is always near the earth. The earth revolvess around the sun to make the seasons. Astronauts went to the moon when mom was 4 years old. They went in a rocket ship and it took 4 days. The moon was covered in moon dust and the holes are called craters. There is no air to breathe and no gravity. There in no life on the moon. The moon has phases like new, crescent, half, and full. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. The shuttle was Apollo 11. I believe the moon was created by God!

The moon spins around the Earth. There is no gravity which means I would float away. The moon is a satellite that goes around the earth. The moon can be a crescent, a whole, or a new moon. That is the cycle of the moon. You can't breathe because there is no air. There is moon dust and when a rock hits it, a crater is made. Astronauts travel in a rocket ship.

Will Perry~
The moon gets light from the sun.
The moon gets bigger and bigger.
Astronauts go to the moon.
Wear helmet and space uniform.
There is no air on the moon.
The moon has holes called craters.

Payne Curtis~
The moon goes in a circle.
Bigger, bigger, tiny, tiny.
Moon goes to China and we have to watch it.
Rocket ship goes to the moon.
Wear helmet.
Put our finger in the sand and made a hole... crater.

The moon is round.
A circle.
God made the moon.

A Fun Friday Moon Day!!! 



  1. Fabulous lesson and wonderful understanding from all 4. (Last Wednesday, I posted some fun links I thought SJ & EK might enjoy the next 2 weeks entering Thanksgiving during their free time)

  2. This brought back memories - I did the same Oreo cookie activity with my 4th graders when I taught in Maryland!

    Love your ideas!!

    Blessings, Ashley


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