Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Friday: Lentil {My Five Senses}~

We began the day with a non fiction read Your Five Senses to give us an idea of what we were looking for while we listened to Lentil~
 I had torn faces out of magazines and as I read each book about the senses, they cut out that sense and added to their journal.
{To be honest I had pinned very cute activities on Pinterest that we were going to do today but decided... SIMPLE!!!}

What better teacher is there than Nature?
We took our journals and headed out to find one thing we could learn about with our senses and drew it.
Their favorite place was Ms. Margaret's muscadine bush where they tasted something SOUR!~
 We also shaded some texture from the bark of our big pecan trees!

With a little rest and just enjoying a wonderful breeze, we headed back in to color our drawings.
The boys and Evie were free to go play and I had EK find one cool fact from each book to record in her journal as well. 
She did very well reading them to me.
SJ kept it real when she said, "That really wasn't such a FUN Friday if you ask me." SO since she is such a big funny girl, I had her and EK make funny faces with senses they cut out themselves.
Guess what she said about that?
"Now THAT was FUNny!"
For lunch we had a tasting party of many things grown in nature!
I'd say it turned out to be a pretty Fun Friday after all!!!

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