Saturday, August 24, 2013

Super Saturday!

This first photo is from yesterday but just couldn't leave it out.
We came in from the pool and P&E went to put on their clothes...
Payne put WP's clothes on Evie~
A classic rehearsal dinner photo!

Tonight we were invited to Max's 5th birthday party~
The kids loved the homemade sidewalk paint and water balloons!
I think this photo pretty sums up the party~
Sweetest faces ever!!!!!

AND just to make the day a little sweeter...
I checked IG to see Josh and his friends won the CHOA golf tournament today~
 I'd say that pretty much makes for a Super Saturday!!!


  1. I LOVE this first photo of Payne and Evie!!! Great photo to show them when they become teenagers!!! Hilarious & SO sweet!!!


  2. Yeah to winning the gold tournament for a good cause! DOn't know what I would do without CHOA! When we found out about Roman, we thanked Heavenly Father we lived so close to a children's hospital. Looks like the children has a blast today. Couldn't ask for a better day!

  3. Ok...that FIRST PHOTO is PRICELESS!! This is definitely a WINNER for GRADUATION PICS!!!

  4. Great pics! We had so much fun with everyone. Still need to post about it...