Monday, August 19, 2013

A Sweet Monday~

Mondays are sometimes our most challenging day but today was a pretty sweet one.
PC&SJ had dentist appt... filling and spacer respectively.
They both were awesome and we were in and out in an hour~
 Scott was able to meet us for lunch and the littles voted for Steak'n'Shake so that's where we went. 
As usual we drew attention to many people around us... 
amazed with our children and we were happy to share our story!

Today after we finished eating Scott and the boys made their way up to pay for our meal. He handed the check to the manager and he told us a man in the restaurant had picked up our tab. He just happened to still be there so we all went over to thank him. Just the nicest man all alone and told us he wanted to treat us to lunch because it is seldom he eats near a family with so many kids that are so well behaved. Complimented them on all staying in their chairs and just taking care of themselves. Thankful!!!

I left there to meet a sweet friend with boys who shared this Sweet blessing with our boys~
 Thank you Michelle Howell!!!

This how we all felt when we rolled back into home today~
Tickled pink for this Sweet Monday!!!

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