Saturday, July 13, 2013

Writing Time~

With our laid back summer schedule, I have done a lot of reading especially about teaching preschool/K age. One thing I keep reading over and over is how important play is in learning and not rushing the curriculum stuff. {Actually knew that}... Since backing off the academics so to speak this summer for the boys has given them to time to mature and grow.

As we put the playroom together, I left a table in the sun room with all sorts of writing and coloring items. So far they really haven't shown much interest but today WP surprised me! He drew something on both sides of a piece of paper and then added 4+ colors {I tell them have to add same number of colors as their age}~
He was so excited to show me and I asked him to tell me about his drawing... I wrote exactly what he told me giving him something to read to anyone that would listen. He was so proud to hang it in our kitchen and he rubbed off on the other two~
I have always believed if kids can feel sucessful with writing/drawing, reading will flow smoothly later. LOVE these little writers!!!

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