Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Sickie~

SJ began a fever yesterday so I immediately suspected the flu.
Took her to the dr today but nothing was confirmed... not sure what it going on~
A little smile sparked today when an Amazon package arrived with hand puppets for everyone. We're home now and still running a fever. We will see how she feels tomorrow.
Just ready for warm weather and healthy kids!!!  


  1. Hope she is feeling better soon! Your new family photo is gorgeous!!

  2. Sorry miss is sick! Hope she feels better soon!

  3. Nothing is worse than fever without a confirmed cause...praying she's well soon!!
    :)so she can enjoy those new puppets

  4. I feel you! We have all been sick around here for what seems like the past 2 months! Ready to warmer weather!!

  5. Praying she gets better. I have a fever today, Saturday night we were in the ER with Mia. She busted her chin on the side of the bath tub all the way to the bone. We are headed to the doc today because she ripped the butterflies off and the glue opened back up. It may be stitches today for sweet girl and I think I picked up a present in the ER waiting room.

  6. Sorry to hear about SJ :( Praying she gets better soon and that no one else gets it! We are enjoying our warm weather out here in California! Such a blessing to come home to after being in China where we didn't see the sun much ;) Blessings to you all!