Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Game and a Kiss~

WP has been home for about 13 months now and he gets frustrated to communicate so we can understand him. I spoke with our ped and we have decided to have his speech evaluated for therapy. 

Along with this frustration, he has had some difficulty learning colors, counting, and letters (all abstract concepts to an extent). I am concerned and have begun to be a little more intentional in working with him on a daily basis with these skills. Today I looked around to see what we could work with and I pulled:
A write on die
Frog counters
Elbow pipe
Container to drop counters

Frog Slide
I wrote dots 1-3 on the die and had WP roll.
When he rolled 1 dot, he placed one frog on the dot and said 1.
Did the same with 2 and 3.
Once he placed the frogs, I had him count them as he slid them through the slide (pipe) into the pool (container). BIG smile.
He loved it so much fun he didn't even know he was practicing his counting skills.  We celebrated BIG every time he counted correctly! You can imagine how excited it made Payne to watch and it wasn't long before both boys were playing... WP trying to explain and Payne watching to learn~
 I can't wait to see them go at it tomorrow!

We read Arthur's Valentine today and at the end there was a candy kiss surprise. I just happened to have a kiss art project...
  We traced, cut, glued, and stuck stickers to make kisses for the ones we love. Evie LOVED gluing SO much! They can't wait to give them away.

Update: Aunt Susan came over tonight and WP counted to 3 and then to 5 by himself! We yelled and screamed and jumped up and down! It is a BIG deal!!! Yay!!! 

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  1. YEAH for WP!!!! Boys grow and learn at such different rates. He has a fabulous teacher!!!!!