Friday, December 28, 2012


I started out packing in these~
Then Savannah and Josh mentioned we might try their new suitcases
 so I unpacked it all and started over~
Now I'm confused and my bedroom looks like this~
Can we possibly pack for three weeks for 4 people in 3 suitcases?
Starting to wonder and it's coming down to the wire.
I need help!!!
{You would think on my 4th trip to China I would have this down.} 

{7 days until China}


  1. I bet you will be just fine! You are definitely a professional packer by now! It looks great to me!

  2. I'm cheering you on from VA! Unfortunately, as you know, I have no help to offer as I'm in worse shape than you are. I do know 7 days you will board that plane without a suitcase if you have to. The stuff you take is irrelevant; it's what (or whom) you bring home that really matters. But I have a feeling you'll get the packing figured out with time to spare. Hugs! ~Jackie

  3. oh my goodness i so stressed about packing ans am no help whatsoever!! I wish I lived close and I'd come help!!!!

  4. Ah it's just all the excitement. You are a pro, you'll get it figured out:)looks almost done to me! And yes 3 suitcases can be done!!!!!( We took 2 suitcases and 2 carry on for 4 people and were loving the light load.) So EXCITED for you!!!!

  5. So, so, so excited for you all!!!!! WOW, can you believe it??? I will keep you all in my prayers dear Sharon!!

  6. Praying for you guys!!! You look like you're just about ready ;) SO excited for you all!!!

  7. It's so close, I know you will figure it all out! So very excited for you.


  8. Oh my your room is gorgeous! You will get it packed just right. You are just excited!

  9. No doubt you can do it.. I know I could not.. I always over pack for my China babies!! :) As for me, I could definitely have packed less. You are going at a tricky time of year weather wise... Regardless, of what you are all wearing, can't wait to see you in China again!!!!
    For TWO!!! So Awesome!

    Happy New Year!

  10. So crazy to see those bags. Can't imagine how you are feeling. Excited for you.

  11. You'll get it all organized and figured out! That's what you do! :>)