Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Friday in the Woods~

Ask Mr. Bear had several settings but the woods was probably the most intriguing so we planned our Fun Friday to take a walk through the woods behind our house.
We packed backpacks with books, journals, and snacks.
We invited Max to join us and went over to pick him up on the golf cart. 
 We headed down through our backyard stopping at the swing for snack and to hear our story, Ask Mr. Bear.
We talked about what we might see along the way... hoping for a bear and a snake... me? Neither one please!
It was pretty much follow EK down the hill toward the lake.
Everyone had boots on just in case we veered off the beaten path
(and yes, WP needs his own rain boots:).

We finally made it down to our dried up cove on the lake~
and there was much exploring to do.
We made our way to the dock and spread a blanket for resting, reading, writing, and snacking (again).
Everyone thought of what they noticed along the way that God made and wrote about it in their journal.
The sweetest breeze was blowing and I could have stayed all morning just praying and being still.
Wasn't long before we started back UP the hill.

What to do other than take a dip after such a long trip?
We came back, shed our clothes, and swam for a while...
ate lunch on the breezeway...
rode bikes...
went to Max's backyard for a while...
back to swim just a smidge longer...
and I voted for MOVIE afternoon!!!
Think that is going to be the reward for a great week for students and a time for teacher Mom to get a few things done around the house. 
I think EK pretty much summed it up when she said,
"Mom this was the best Fun Friday ever!"
Have to agree~ SO fun but I am plum worn out!!! :)


  1. What an amazing Fun Friday! You're such a great mommy! Have a relaxing weekend!!!

  2. You definitely had a fun one...makes me feel like I was right there beside you with the kiddos. Love them in their boots! too cute.