Friday, August 3, 2012

The Beginning of School~ (very long)

I was born an educator... I always loved being around kids, had younger siblings, went into education in college, became a teacher (1987), and wanted a family as soon as we were married. It's just what I was made to do~ my gift from God.

When the older girls were growing up, I was always a teacher and they went to school with me. I knew and loved every single teacher that taught them. Scott always said if he loved his job half as much as I did, he would have it made. It was so good!

In 2006 when we traveled to China for EK I knew without a doubt, I couldn't keep teaching and leave her at home. She needed me to mend her brokenness and that had to be done 24/7. Along about the time she was say two and a half :), I began preschooling her. It was just the natural thing to do.

Last year when she was 6, we felt a year in K @ NH would be good for her socially. Academically she was right on target and a year away from mom might be needed. She had a fabulous year and once again I LOVED her teachers!

As the year wound down, I felt a tug on my heart to bring her back home and school her myself. It was the natural thing to do... it's my gift. I wanted to allow her time to learn one on one, be with her siblings, and have time to play as children need so very much to do. So bringing her home has nothing to do with public school not being good enough or me thinking I can do it better... quite the contrary.

It has been a big growing week for us all. What started as a very involved full schedule (stressed me out) evolved into a very smooth and relaxed one. Getting every single thing done in a week including school, meals, chores, housework, and play. 

You would think being an educator makes this adventure so easy. It is hard work but SO my calling and I couldn't be happier to be investing my whole heart into nurturing whole children.

Here is some of what we did this week~ 

(All photography shot with my phone throughout the week)
School started Monday and we have worked, played, and loved well!
The first day was a little overwhelming fitting everything into our day but as the week moved on, it all worked out just fine.
One of the biggest hurdles was scheduling... one of my 'things'.
It has also evolved throughout the week and finally think we have a manageable flow to the day.

Here are some of the things we accomplished this week.
Each morning I have a clipboard of morning work the girls can do when they come downstairs... they can do whenever they want.
The first morning, EK was up before me getting right to it. :)
 She's a great influence on her sister~
Our day began with Calendar, Bible/prayer, and Language~
Each morning, we copied the scripture for the day and illustrated~
This year we are using Five in a Row curriculum and they love it.
This week we rowed Yellow Ball~
By yesterday, EK was reading to it to us and now SJ can read it~
This book was such a fun one to get outside and enjoy~
We also rowed a math book called Seaweed Soup.
This was by far WP's favorite thing we did all week.
He LOVED acting it out~
We made games and worked on lots of skills~
Did a little rolling around on the floor too~
Writing has been fun... we printed photos from our vacation and wrote about our fun times~
 Once they shared and celebrated, we added them to their notebooks~
Reading was a big deal too~
as well as Social st/Science~
and lots of art~
FUN Friday was a great way to wrap up a GREAT first week.
We made Rainbow Fish Toast, mixed colors, and graphed skittles. Everyone loved it!!!
 In celebration of our week, here is our art gallery~
YAY for the weekend!


  1. Awwww! Loved looking at this- we start grade 2 & Kindergarten next week & I am in desperate need of inspiration!:) {we use Abeka dvd} I love having my littles home with me, but as our family grows I am finding that it is harder & harder put what I feel like needs to be put into their school time{& juggle everything else!}!:/ Thank you for encouraging me!:)

  2. Holy cow! I can't believe how much fun and learning you guys packed in just one short week!

    Love your new blog look too! I love the hearts and flowers!

  3. LOVE!!!!

    I'm homeschooling my big boys (grades 9 and 11) and they are taking some coops (for math, science, and writing---yessireebob!). KM is going to school this next year (1st) but once our Lucy is home (she'll be 5 in December) I'm pretty sure I'll be homeschooling her for at least her kindergarten year, maybe more! We will see how her language is and of course surgeries will come into play. I always take a year at a time. :)

    Anyway....if you made a list of all the supplies you use and what you do with it for schooling your littles, I'd totally BUY it!!! It could be a lesson for us "can't quite figure out what to get-ers". I find great curriculum, but then stink at making it fun! Or I just get overwhelmed with everything. You could also show us how to organize it all. I bet you are an amazing organizer!! It could be a fundraiser for your adoption!! Seriously!! :))

    Or...I could come stay with you for a week and I could some how absorb it all. :)

    Okay...I'm off to look at your pinterest boards again to see if I can get a jump start! HA!

  4. You are so talented to have all these fun learning activities. I don't know how you manage to do this with three children at different stages of development, soon to be four. I can see from their faces that the children love what they are doing. I've wondered if Ella had any reservations about leaving her public school and friends. She certainly look happy! Yeah for a great first week at Homeschool Ankerich! (What is 12-13 school?)

  5. Yea! Looks like a sweet week. Love 5 in a Row!

  6. Wish we were neighbors! Holly would have a ball with your littles! Looks like a great start to your year. Holly and I will be starting in a week or 2. It will be fun to share a few preschool ideas here and there!